Truss Chain, LLC was founded in Mongolia in June 2018 with an international team of members from Mongolia, the United States, and South Korea from real estate, finance, policy and technology backgrounds. Truss is disrupting traditional capital markets with blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies by making security tokens a reality, starting with real estate asset-backed tokens (ABTs). Truss diligently adheres to relevant local laws and works closely with government agencies to build in compliance.

CEO & Founders

Sangwoo Han

CEO of Truss Chain Korea

Sangwoo holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Seoul National University. He has various experiences in finance industry including senior consultant in Oliver Wyman and equity research analyst in JP Morgan. He is now CEO of Truss Chain Korea and Executive VP, COO of Steppe Group in Mongolia.

Jongchan Lee


Jongchan has always had a knack for business and technology. From an early age he has led many projects and businesses and gained priceless insights in various fields. He graduated from the department of industrial design at KAIST, and continued his academic journey in the design aspects of various businesses. With his knowledge of business and technology, he is now leading dozens of projects disrupting the financial industry.

S. Peter Choe


Peter has experience in Blockchain-based solutions as CTO of the US-based innovation agency STEPPE TECH and now CDO of Steppe Group in Mongolia. He was previously CTO of a fintech startup that was in the 2015 Barclays Techstars NYC accelerator cohort. While a computer science PhD candidate at KAIST, he led a sensor technology-based startup and co-authored papers published in top human-computer interaction conferences and journals. He holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and New York University in computer and information technology and globalization.

Gerelmaa Batchuluun


Gerelmaa creates integrated innovation models and business strategies based on her background in mathematics, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and policy-making. She co-founded STEPPE TECH, the US-based integrated technology innovation agency, in 2015. She has worked at the OECD on economic policy, investment, corporate governance, sustainable development and innovation and held executive positions at startups in Korea and the US. She holds degrees in mathematics, management, and innovation management from KAIST and UVSQ. She is the President of Steppe Group and ICT Advisor to the Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Team Members

Geonu Choi

Team Member

Geonu has been developing applications for various platforms and has managed a team of developers as a CEO of a startup company. He has also worked for Qualcomm, Kakao, and the Ministry of National Defence of Korea as a software engineer.

Seonggwang Gwon

Team Member

Prior to joining Truss, Seonggwang worked in the Ministry of National Defense of Korea as a software engineer and also at the Korean game company Loadcomplete as a developer.

Keunhong Park

Team Member

Keunhong is a Ph.D candidate in computer science at University of Washington. He has worked as a software developer at various places such as Amazon Go, Qualcomm, and Google. His expertise lies in computer vision, machine learning and computer graphics.

Boldbaatar Dashdorj

Team Member

Boldbaatar is the head of the Mongolian Blockchain Association and official non-staff Blockchain consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. He has built successful businesses in resource mining, construction and media and is a prominent screenwriter and movie producer. Boldbaatar was educated at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jiwon Shin

Team Member

Jiwon is a civili and environmental engineering and industrial design graduate from KAIST, and has worked for various companies as a senior designer in charge of branding, project management and customer service. Notably, she was a director of DoubleDoubleYou, a personalized shoe brand.

Oyungoo Enkhbold

Team Member

Oyungoo holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (Telecommunication Management) from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. She has experience in the telecommunication and public sectors working on technology and innovation project and has studied the Mongolian ecosystem of innovation and startups.

Eugene Kim

Global Partner

Eugene Kim is an executive director of Financial Business Department. He is an expert in financial investment business, such as NPL investment / securitization, based on his experience in establishing the leading NPL investment and secruitization SPC in the industry.

Hyunseo Lim

Team Member

Hyunseo Lim graduated from Seoul National University Business School. He also studied law in SNU Law School. He worked as COO for IT company Brew Glass inc., and as a board member in Glass Parters inc., handling non-performing mortgage-backed securities in the capital market. He is now COO of Tanker Fund inc., a real estate marketplace lending platform.