Meet the future of real estate:
digital securities

Truss is a blockchain-based platform that makes investment in traditional assets like real estate as easy and accessible as investing in company stocks.
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How it Works

Own digital security shares of various assets

Truss makes investment in assets like real estate possible for everyone. You can buy digital securities that give you a small equity share of even the largest of commercial buildings. Build your own diversified portfolio whether it’s just a few hundred dollars or a few million.

Buy and sell various assets from anywhere in the world

Get access to previously untapped developing markets. Everything you need to know before investing in an asset such as real estate property is publicly available and cryptographically secured.

Buy and sell asset shares in seconds just like trading stocks

Use the Truss token (TRS) to buy and sell asset-backed tokens on the Truss Real Estate and asset Exchange (TREE). Investing in and liquidating real estate and traditional assets is now just a trade away.

2018 June

MOU signed with the Industrial Development and Innovation Agency of the capital city Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia

2018 June

MOU signed with Mogul Capital to tokenize a $10 million portfolio of Ulaanbaatar real estate

2018 June

MOU signed with GB Venture for a $100 million development in Ulaanbaatar

2018 August

MOU signed with Ard Management establishing a Mongolian real estate investment fund

2018 October

Joint Task Force established including Truss management team and specialists from the Mongolian Financial Regulatory Committee

2018 October

MOU signed with the Mongolian Ministry of Construction and Urban Development

2018 October

Truss Chain Korea established

2019 March

Truss Chain Korea Research & Development Center established

2019 April

Truss executive members invited to IOHK Summit in Miami

2019 May

Truss partners with Mongolia Fintech Association in organizing the first Frontier Fintech Summit

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